Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Q and A today

as you can see the basil are doing great, in the meantime i'll answer some questions that have arisen from other power planters.

so here goes;
1. where can customer get liquid nutrient & sponge refill
Initially they will be available to order online on prepara's site.
by the end of this week, i hope.

2. is the sponge reusable?
No, the sponge is not reusable, the typical detrius from plant roots (dead cells etc) will make it hard for new seedlings to get started.

3. How often should i change the water?
That's a good question; in the early days of plant growth i typically changed out the liquid every 10 to 15 days, however, i've not needed to do so much once the plant is larger, because its typically drinking quite a lot by then

4. How much nutrient should be used when soaking up the sponge?
I stopped soaking the sponge and tried a new method, i just keep the sponge in the power plant and pour nutrient from my premixed gallon jug over it, especially along the seeding slit.
so in the end it's really not a lot. just enough to ensure the seeds will have some early food to kick start them to growth.
(i measured it and used approx a cup full)...also, this way i didn't waste any nutrient, because it all ends up in the powerplant!

5. When can user start harvesting?
A very tricky question. Basil will take 3 weeks before you start enjoying it, however tomatoes will likely take longer...they really are all so varied...sorry cant answer this one.

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Anonymous said...

Can I just cut a sponge in the same shape to use with my power plant mini instead of buying expensive sponges from prepara?