Friday, October 24, 2008

uncontrollable sprouts!

i've got to eat them all now!

here's an update to the seed types i promised earlier;
the sprouts were part of a 5 part salad mix containing organic;
alfalfa, radish, mung bean, lentil and broccoli...truly a high fiber salad!

here's another picture, as you can see they've begun to aggressively attack my power plant pro!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

experimenting further with sprouts etc.

i received an interesting pack of mixed sprouts and couldn't wait to try it...i planted them on wednesday last week and within a very short time they were flying out of the power plant mini.

sprouts are so good for you, healthy and cool.
i scattered the seeds on top of a moistened sponge. i then covered the seeds...and really they were just sitting on top of the sponge, all shapes and sizes. i left them in the dark for 2 days and then lifted up the cover. my next step was to pour some more water over them, just enough to keep the sponge moist, i did it delicately because i didn't want to wash the 'loose' seeds away.

then they went for it! you can see very healthy, i should have cropped them by now, but wanted to see how tall they'd get...i tasted a few and although they look essentially the same..long and lanky, they all tasted exceptionally different.
i'll post the mix, but i'm sure one was a very strong took me a while to get over it!

on another note the power plant pro on test- is growing crazily well...the mixed salad took over in a fight with the chili plant..nice

btw...check out the first retailer to carry the power plant pro and the power grow's Brookstone..the lamp is an absolute steal at the's awesome for all types of plants and great for propagating, it fits snugly with both the pro and the mini...the price of the lamp will never be that low again! take my word, it's a great combo, lamp and just need the seed and the imagination!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

working hard on new product

hello, it's been a while!
the test mint has been growing slowly but surely...however i took receipt of the new power plant pro and lamp!
i planted a whole host of different seeds from Burpee and they took off!...i soon realised that my enthusiasm for growing new and interesting plants was tempered by the differing growth rates of the plants. therefore i have huge mesculin salad and chili peppers next to tiny oregano..the others all exhibited a darwinian need to occupy the light...something to be mindful of when growing my next batch.
the mesculin grew crazily fast, i'll post the pics soon.

keep an eye on my blog and i'll posting some of the wonderful images.