Thursday, February 26, 2009

long time no blog

while away our flower experiment took on a life of its own. as you can see, the plant went wild...however, Sophie again forgot to turn the light on everyday, which probably sent the plant into a confused state.
But, it really took off.
i'll persuade her to start growing some basil, which is my favorite herb and extremely useful to boot.

hopefully you'll all get a chance to grow some herbs in the powerplants, they are edifying, rewarding and easy!

next week i'll upload some great shots of the power grow lamp 'nurturing' some household plants, very cool and very useful during these cold winter months.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

lighting and such

I've been trying to get Sophie to switch her lamp on and off everyday, but its been very sporadic, up until last week, when her brain clicked and now she is super consistent!...and the plants are happy she did!'ll see there's been quite a bit of growth.

We followed the instructions on the seed pack and plucked the weaker looking plants out. I thought she'd be unhappy at removing 'her' plants, but surprisingly she loved to pull them out...
Since the instructions say that it takes a few months for the flowers to grow i'm being very patient...certainly -for me anyway- not as rewarding as growing basil and other herbs.