Saturday, May 24, 2008

healthy and green

with the right nutrient and great light the basil is looking good, i hope by the time i get back it'll be in a position to start working with.

as far as the 'care' instructions its important to keep the basil bushy, this will entail pinching the leaves back, i'll demonstrate when they get bigger.


adam said...

do you think having the top of the unit open like that makes any difference as to how the plants grow?

do you have to refill it more often since the water evaporates?

pollenator1 said...

hi Adam, i dont think the top mod helps or hinders the power plant, but it, will be a great feature if i made another slit in the top of the sponge.

the refilling takes place more often as the plants grow to full size. currently i'm not topping / filling her up so much yet....what about you?