Friday, May 16, 2008

3 DAYS after planting

i'm very excited to see some shoot action in the grow sponge.
i'll hazard a guess that the basil will be shooting out this weekend.


Anonymous said...

very cool- what's the nutrient to water ratio for what comes with the package? it says 2 bottles per 1/3 gallon water, but that sounds like an awful lot. am i just reading it wrong?

thanks! i'm very inspired to start mine now!

pollenator1 said...

hi, i cant be sure, as the nutrient is being steadily refined.
i believe if you got two bottles with that instruction i'd just try mixing them both in a gallon of water.
Prepara's newest spare nutrient will be available by end of week- on their web site and i think that's just a teaspoon per gallon.