Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BASIL...at last it's basil time

i gave the power plant mini a thorough wash and cleaned out all the nooks and crannies.
a very, very light bleach mix ensures the maximum cleanliness with plenty of rinsing.
i ran the the bleachy mix through the nozzles, pump and sprayers too.

once she was clean, i replaced the sponge and my daughter and i planted our two types of basil seeds...we were both excited to plant again.

you'll see from the photos we;
1. pre-moistened the sponge (i poured my remaining nutrient along the sponge top)
2. we poured out the two types of Basil seeds and placed them into the slit of the sponge
3. refilled my one gallon container with water and a teaspoon of new nutrient and filled the power plant mini unit
4. plugged her in and placed her out of the direct sunlight (just for today)

i'll take some shots tomorrow to see how they're doing...i can already taste the basil!

i'll also get the seed details too.


Emily Anne said...

What kind of new nutrients are you using? I can't figure out what to get once the stuff that came with my power plant runs out

pollenator1 said...

hi Emily
by the end of this week Prepara will have new 'super nutrient' for sale.
it'll be the latest plant food made especially for the power plant.
(it'll be about $10 for enough to last a year!)
have fun