Monday, April 21, 2008

these little buggers are spicy!

i tried a couple of the greens and they do pack a spicy punch...they left my tongue tingling.

as they were growing i worried they were getting too 'leggy', you'll see from the images posted on friday last week how the stems were lengthening but the leaves weren't growing.
i took to google and found a few basic tips;and lo and behold they both seem to be working, as you can see from todays images.

1. add more 'sunlight'
(i hung a grow lamp above the power can just make its rim out in one image)
i'll write about it tomorrow, but it's a super cheap option
(saves buying a new house with a brighter window sill?)

2. i brushed my fingers lightly through the leaves and 'messed up' its 'do'....seems that helps aerate their tops and spreads them out enough for air to pass through.

anyway, should be time to harvest them soon, at this rate.

1 comment:

adam said...

so, i heard that if you put a fan near your sprouts (or put the powerplant in a room with good circulation) it helps by a) circulating the air around the stems/leaves and b) provoking an "immune response" which makes the plants grow taller and stronger... interesting, huh!

or maybe it's easier just to mess them up every once in a while :)