Thursday, April 17, 2008

micro greens- spicy

i found the seed pack!
we used about half the pack, all said and done...way too many seeds...they are so bunched up on the sponge....the instructions state 1/4 inch spacing...ours are on top of eachother, however they are shooting up

the packet says it contains;
sawtooth mustard, peppergrass cress. cabbage red acre, mustard red giant and radish china rose.
i never knew there were so many types of greens...but i'm very glad there are.

the pkt also says they should be harvested at 1 to 2 inches high...not too long to wait, at the rate they're growing (the pkt says 5-10 days to emerge, our power plant puts us way ahead)

micro greens = "good for garnish on soups, on crackers, in sandwiches, or in salads. Micro greens are the newest and greatest food in gourmet restaurants..."

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