Friday, April 25, 2008

new nutrient

it's day twelve of growth.
after i took these snaps i thought it time to try a new nutrient....after all, the plants are near to harvesting and they've been growing strongly and healthily.
we have had some outstanding results, at the test lab, from a nutrient made by general hydroponics and i'd run out of the dyna-gro nutrient (once my supply of prepackaged nutrient was gobbled up by the greens, i had used dyna-gro -it's general purpose nature and it's simplicity to mix =a big plus).
i'll let you know whether the greens look any different tomorrow....i'd like to eat them on Sunday.

In another photo, you'll see i lifted the canopy of greens to check on the sprayer jets and as i peered in to the water well i could see very full and healthy roots filling out the chamber.
and yes, the jets were all working fine. (had they been blocked, i could have poked them with a bent paper clip...a lo-tech, yet simple solution for unblocking)

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