Wednesday, April 16, 2008

chopped top

so my daughter and i decided to plant some interesting mixed greens (i'll get the exact name later when i can find that packet)

we didn't get all the seeds in the slit, some of the seeds strayed onto the sponge top, so i hacked up my top cover to see whether they'd all do well....lo and behold -i have a nice early crop growing.

we did this on Sunday
my steps to get here were;
mixed the nutrient, as it said on package
poured nutrient mix over the grow sponge
filled up the container
placed seeds onto sponge (and all over it!)
plugged power plant timer, in a sunny spot in my kitchen
placed paper 'seed curtain' on top of slot

next day i peeped and saw some seeds had a gel covering them...thats good news

after work on Tuesday i looked and the seedlings had started to grow!
i took the seed cover off and they're reaching upwards.

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