Thursday, May 14, 2009

last hurrah

i grew out the basil 3 times, using the last batch for my store bought 'freezer' pizza.
the fresh basil 'kicked it up a notch'

now the power plant is resting, as i'll be off traveling again next week.

when i get back i want to see what herb of the moment is....although i might try arugula which is a tasty compliment to any sandwich...especially if toasted.

on another note, i used prepara's latest 'flavor' mister on the pizza, as i'm trying to keep the fat off my food and hopefully off my body! (not a good place to start..a pizza!...but none the less it was a valiant start).
the mister is currently exclusive to sur la table... it has a filter for a blockage free spray, its fully dishwasher safe, while being sterilizable...(which is great for making your own flavored infusions)...and best yet it's awesome looking!
i gave one to my sister and had her take one for my mom!

oh, and check out the grow lamp...used in this case to keep the orchids happy!


j b said...

do you need to prime the spray, by pumping it, like other oil spray products?

pollenator1 said...

yes, pump 5-7 times and it's a perfect mist.
my first inclination was to go nuts and over'll get super super fine misty fog.
i have one that i put half olive oil and half balsamic, shook it up and used for my salad pre-mixed!
btw, truly is a beautiful product and the packaging is fresh and attractive