Friday, April 3, 2009

pizza time...

Having finished with my travel season, i'm now back and taking back the powerplant from my daughter and her experiments!

i decided it was time to start making pizza again and for that i need the 'special ingredient' FRESH home grown BASIL!

i have sewn two types, one a lime basil and the other, a more basic variety, Genovese basil

I cleaned out my mini by rinsing with a very tiny amount of bleach mixed with water and ran the device so all the pipes and pump were cleaned

i then added a new sponge and the seeds, these were planted March 14th.
you can see how well the basil sprouted. I haven't touched the nutrient mix to refill, all i've done up until today was turn my lamp on at breakfast and off at dinner time.

today i trimmed out / thinned the plants to keep only the biggest strongest looking basil plants.
the smell of the cut basil was refreshing.

i'll be keeping the site upto date so you can enjoy watching my basil grow.

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