Friday, June 6, 2008

a small floaty ball

just thought i'd write about something i noticed with my power plant...and i must say it's specific to the one i'm using...when i filled her up with nutrient, i noticed the floaty ball used for the gauge wasn't i tapped the power plant with a spoon i had nearby...and voila the ball floated up!...i think the ball is so light that there must have been a little 'stiction' when i emptied the container, before i transported her home yesterday.

on that note, i also noticed this morning that she sounded a little noisier than her normal waterfall serenity again, with the spoon, i tapped the side and voila... again she's running whisper quietly again.

also to note- again no timer is used on my power plant.


j b said...

I just purchased 2 of these powerplants. I set up one today and am only using 1, until i see some action. The only thing I could think of was, what happens when i need more sponges. should these be reused? I thought i could sub teh sponges for unoffical versions, but was just curious as to what you do. thanks

pollenator1 said...

hi JB
thanks for your question.
the sponges aren't reusable, as i previously mentioned in the blog somewhere. the roots and dead cells from plants get buried in them

as far as replacements, i know there will be spares for sale on prepara's web site in a week or two. very reasonably priced and in a 3 pack.