Friday, June 13, 2008

full of flavors...but not mixed!

since the basil was trimmed there's been a lot of newer bushier growth.
the leaves are growing in tighter groups, i'll likely use some again this weekend, it'll be the 3rd crop.

in this crop you'll see i planted siam basil in one half (the pointy leaves) and italian sweet basil in the other.
however, now i wish i'd just done one varietal.
both are delicious, but they are so different in flavor.

the siam is truly the same fragrance and flavor as that found in thai food. it has an especially strong liquorice taste and reminded me very much of my favorite pad thai dish..yum yum

the sweet basil is great for pizza and pesto, much less pungent!

talking of which;
i thought i'd share my latest pesto mix
the 'power plant pesto' great for spreading on sandwiches-panini anyone?, especially with tomatoes and mozzarella

heres my recipe for a small qty;
take 1-2 cup of leaves- tightly packed
2 tablespoons of roasted marcona almonds (i've been heating some marcona nuts my wife bought at costco ...salted....add them into a pan with a dash of olive oil and stir regularly until they'll probably need to do twice as many, cos when you taste them -they are out of this world!)
2 tablespoons of grated parmesan
1 small garlic clove-peeled
half tablespoon lemon juice-or lime juice
salt and pepper
2 tablespoons extra virgin oil

combine ingredients of; basil, nuts, cheese, garlic, lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of water, season with salt and pepper in a small blender...i use a stick blender. Puree until you make a paste (you could use a mortar and pestle with such a small qty of pesto...the old way!)
add in portions of the olive oil, just enough until the paste becomes a smooth buttery texture...good for spreading.


j b said...

My "lemon/lime" basil (burpee) I planted in the powerplant on sat evening, less than one full week ago, have just almost hit the top of the humidity domes. My family loves basil & pesto, but it turns out my duaghter is allergic only to pine nuts. luckily the reaction is mild. thanks for recipe with the spanish almonds. I bought them at Trader Joe's a while ago and I absolutely love costco.

I may have to break out the 2nd powerplant I bought for cherry tomatoes, and put it on the counter, instead of the window sill. I had to tape the domes down so my daughter wouldn't play too much with them.

I may have to figure out how to make an adjustable height light source with a base that fits under the powerplant. That might be a good powerplant accessory; however I get that it is dependent on current sales of the powerplant, which begs the question of how successful have sales been since its introduction.

pollenator1 said...

the power plants are selling real well.
they've offered many of us the opportunity to see what it's like to grow from seed...any seed.
BTW i used the other aero product, but didnt feel the same attachment that i do for was too clinical.
the power plant has allowed me to enjoy the browsing and selection of some really interesting new, even some weird seeds...some of which i'll have this week, i hope they'll grow in the mini!

as for the lamp, yes, there's been lots of interest for that item and i hope it'll be ready real soon.
thanks again for your comments