Wednesday, January 14, 2009's cold outside!

While i was away, my daughter got it into her head that it was time mommy had more flowers around the house...and she wanted mom to have tulips!...well, it's 14 degrees F outside, with ice on the after explaining the cold weather in January was bad for bulbs- she took it on herself to plant some petunias instead, in 'her' powerplant mini. She instructed mom on what to do...and here they are 4 days later!!!..they like my new prepara grow lamp and their green nutrient (more on this later).

Every morning she pulls over a bar stool and climbs up, clicks on the grow lamp and checks them out, normally followed by ooos and ahhhs, as they really have shot up. I'll be sure to keep the blog up to date.
I've been thinking these power plant products would be great for schools, they are just so remarkably engaging and fun.

Here's some nutrient update i mentioned above;
While developing new products Prepara has been continually upgrading their methodolgy and specifications of the products. The first thing they learnt was that you cant trust to any old nutrient for growing. So, if you have green nutrient..then you have the latest and VERY best available in the world....1 teaspoon per gallon of plain old water! voila!

However, if you have some yellow or aqua color nutrient, then you have the 'old' stuff (with different mixing instructions)...this will work, but be sure to 'upgrade' your machine to the new WILL NOT regret's amazing!'ll get the replacement, currently from preparas web site, where they will sell you enough -at a great price-for many, many grow cycles.

While at the site download the growing instruction PDF...this was simplified and you will see the use of the 'timer' has been written out...this is now considered an option for those of you that want to save electricity, however the power plants can be left running 24/7 with no adverse effects whatsoever. plus- they really only use a tiny amount of power, so...its up to you. I dont use a timer and my plants grow splendidly.


Anonymous said...

If I have the old stuff should I use the same proportions? ( 1tsp/gal?) I don't understand the directions - Mix 2 bottles per 1/3 gallon of distilled water.

pollenator1 said...

when we first made the product we were supplied with a 'yellowish' color nutrient from our supplier, this needed to be mixed 2 bottles with 1/3rd of a gallon of water (original nutrient was not pH they recommended distilled water, but that is not the case with the new nutrient), subsequently we found an 'aqua' color nutrient that was better for a multitude of plants, this needed to be mixed with water at 1 bottle per gallon of water....However, we subsequently cracked it! and signed a deal with Americas foremost nutrient supplier. We now offer this nutrient in all our newer powerplants and for resale in separate packs. This is a 'green' color nutrient and just needs to be mixed at a concentration of one teaspoon to one gallon.
i hope this helps... btw the new nutrient suprercharges the growth of the plant, only a grow lamp makes as much difference!