Friday, July 18, 2008

creeping up

my little experiment is showing really well so far, i have absolutely no idea how they'll develop but i am really excited to see such progress.
the pistou is popping up too.


jon B said...

just curious, is the liquid food working well for you? I had to supplement mine for the lemon/lime basil since the basil was not growing all that well. in fact, the top leaves had very little color, almost white-green.

pollenator1 said...

i noticed that i had the same problem months ago, i since use the latest nutrient, as supplied in the 'replacement kit' certainly works extremely well!
check out the prepara site again, i know they offer it for sale now and there's enough supplied to last a very long time...(10 gallons once mixed) the nutrient comes in individual measures so its really easy to use.
hope that helps